5 Simple Questions to Reclaim Your Happiness
and create amazing relationships for life!

by Jacqui Letran

Are you tired of endless fights and misunderstandings between you and the people you care about? Do you feel like no matter what you say or do, you just can't get anyone to understand you? Do you feel powerless, or as though it is easier hanging on to grudges and negativity than to continue struggling?

In this short, yet powerful book, Award-Winning Author and Teen Confidence Expert, Jacqui Letran, teaches you how to use five simple questions to transform your relationships from those filled with tension and frustration to those complete with trust and acceptance.

In this book, you will discover:

  • How to identify your feelings
  • How to understand why you feel as you do
  • How to let go of your unwanted emotion
  • How to create win-win situations
  • How to enhance and rebuild your relationships, and much more

If you want to be in control of your feelings, and to let go of things easily, this book is for you. This compact guide is filled with simple tips and easy-to-follow techniques. 

Get your copy today and get ready to reclaim your happiness and create amazing relationships for life!​

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Jacqui Letran's 5 Simple Questions to Reclaim Your Happiness, Book 1 of 3, from the Words of Wisdoms for Teens Series, is an exceptional self-help book. This book is full of wise counsel which can benefit audiences of any age or gender. Valuable insight and unique perspectives allow readers to approach their concerns from a profound new angle in an effort to resolve issues and pave the way for a happier and more fulfilling life. Included within the book are lined rule pages intended for jotting down feelings and assessing the deeper meaning behind unresolved issues, affording readers the opportunity to put life-changing steps into action.

Multi-award-winning author Jacqui Letran has a way with words and speaks to teen audiences in a compassionate and compelling manner. 5 Simple Questions to Reclaim Your Happiness helps broaden an understanding of the human mind to harness one's happiness. By helping readers break down barriers and channel their focus she helps enable them to find healthier ways of addressing the issues they've let come between them and their potential for true happiness. Recommended for home and school libraries and for use in clinical settings, this book has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.  

5-Star Reviews

This book is wonderful because it speaks directly to the heart. It offers practical and actionable advice on how parents and teens can better understand and approach one another. I like it that it is short and specific and that it really makes you question your own thoughts and attitudes towards problems you face in life. I wish I had access to something like this while growing up. I could also tell while reading that the author has a lot of experience dealing with teenagers and parents -- while reading some of the character's monologues, it felt as if she was reading my mind!

This is a hidden gem!! I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to improve their relationships, it was a huge eye opener. The author was very creative and used a wonderful story to show how misunderstandings can occur and how to fix the problems. It gave me a better understanding of how arguments arise and how to improve my relationship with my mom! I love how short, quick and to the point the book is!

I love Jacqui's books! This one is so simple, and straightforward, yet makes you really just think about how you do, and what you are doing to earn your own happiness vs. your own unhappiness. These questions make you think and self reflect. They teach you to own your own feelings, and take back the power to be happy yourself.